Vedic Astrological Monthly Outlook:  April  2017

Strong Mars until 4/12: 

Mars continues is strong transit through its own sign Aries until 4/12, when Mars then exits, moving into Taurus.  Even though Taurus is not the strongest position for Mars, it will also receive the beneficial aspect of Jupiter, adding some strength to a normally stodgy transit position for Mars.  The first 10 days of April are reasonably strong for Mars, so this is a good time to continue your projects, advance work efforts and demonstrate independence in your actions.  After 4/10, quick and rapid results are not as prominent and delays and sluggishness may predominate the atmosphere when trying to make progress or get answers to your questions/concerns. 


Mercury turns retrograde in Aries on 4/9: Slow down decisions and think them through

During the first 12 days of April, Mercury transits with Mars and then Mercury turns retrograde on 4/9 in Aries.  While transiting with Mars, Mercury in Aries is impatient, restless and careless.   Communications are likely to lack precision and interpersonal communications are likely to be rapid, short, rude, confusing and lack the depth necessary for sound decision-making.  Hostility permeates the atmosphere.  Be careful and make sure you understand the implications of your decisions during this month.  Try not to be hasty and make a quick decision just to get it off your list.   It’s a problematic time for contracts, major decisions and agreements.   Most everything has to be done twice.

Since this month corresponds with tax season coming to its peak, be extra cautious with tax documents.  Review and scrutinize, slowly and carefully, all documents, including tax returns.  Errors and mistakes are the rule this month.  So, slow down and read everything several times.  Expect and look for significant errors on all documents.  If possible, generally don’t sign contracts this month. 

Notice that Mercury is transiting through the nakshatra of Aswini, which governs health, medical procedures and travel.  While Mercury is retrograding here, these particular areas become more complicated and are prone to delays and issues.  This especially applies to communications regarding medical procedures & treatments.   For example, if you go to the pharmacy to fill a prescription, double and triple check that they got it right.  If you receive a medical diagnosis during April, make sure it really applies to you and they did not mix up patient results or charts.  

If traveling, expect more delays than normal and vehicular mechanical problems are more likely as well, particularly during this Mercury retrograde transit.  Slow down while driving, as inattentiveness may be worse during this period.  Be on the defensive this month, in particular. 

The Sun enters its exalted yearly position of Aries on 4/13 and will transit close (approach) retrograding Mercury during the third week of April.  This combustion of Mercury adds to the intensity of these communication issues.  Rahu is also aspecting Mercury concurrently.  There is an abundance of energy (too much) pushing on Mercury during this month and that reflects the overflow of mental energy and restlessness, producing confusing communications.

Even with these complications involving Mercury, this is a good time to slow down, review documents from the past, clean out and organize your files, and try to simplify your communications, emails and documents.  Computer breakdowns and internet/server disruptions are more likely.  So back-up your files now, before Mercury turns retrograde. 

There is an interesting conjunction involving the outer planet Uranus, traveling close to Mercury, especially during the last five days of the month.  This tends to bring unexpected or sudden information coming out into the open, especially while taking place in Aries.  Monitor the last week of April for some shocking, sudden news and information that is least expected, particularly coming from government agencies or congress.  Just when you thought nothing would surprise you anymore, this type of planetary transit tests that hypothesis. 

Communication complications and errors apply to all areas including emails, texting, writing and verbal modalities.  Double check your appointments also, so you don’t waste your time during the month, arriving for an appointment only to find out they put down the wrong date for you.  Mercury continues to retrograde in Aries until May 3rd and it then moves direct, entering Taurus on June 3rd.  So, Mercury will spend more than two full months transiting Aries.  Pack your patience and don’t accept shoddy work.  Mercury in Aries with Mars tends to argue easily, so expect disagreements and heated arguments to arise suddenly.  Take a deep breath and step back when dealing with others, or go on a solo meditation retreat in your mind.  You may simply stay silent and count to ten before you say anything in response. 

Venus remains exalted and moves direct on 4/15:

Venus continues to transit through its exalted, most powerful position, in Pisces, for the entire month of April, until May 31st.  Venus has been retrograding, but will turn direct on 4/15.  Moreover, Venus receives Jupiter’s sweet, beneficial aspect.  After 4/15, Venus promotes relationships, marriage, the arts, devotional practices, real estate matters, finance, and charitable, empathic actions.  It’s beneficial for animals as well.  This should bode well for purchases and pleasures, particularly after Mercury turns direct on 5/3.   Gains in the economy, financial markets and growth in housing and real estate should move forward even amidst the chaos we have come to anticipate under in this current world reality.  When Venus is exalted and influenced by Jupiter, it makes the world feel more optimistic and sweeter.  

People feel like making purchases, being romantic and generous with their time and money.  Even while communications and contracts will be problematic and confusion and delays abound, the desire for comforts, indulgences and romance will permeate the atmosphere.   Sometimes escaping with a good piece of chocolate or a gourmet dinner by candlelight takes the edge off a frustrating, rude conversation or a travel delay.  Venus in Pisces tends to go in that direction, taking the edge off an otherwise whirlwind of frustration, mental confusion and imprecision. 

As my grandmother once said, back in the early 1960's during a powerful devastating FLA hurricane, "let's see what a caramel looks like."  No one seems to argue while eating candy together.  Maybe sweetness is what it takes to set things right in the world!