Vedic Astrological Monthly Outlook:  June  2017

Venus changes its focus for the month of June:  Time to get out & challenge yourself 

As of June 1st, Venus has left its exalted Pisces position and is transiting through Aries through most of the month, until 6/29, when Venus then moves into Taurus, its own sign and a strong position for the planet if unafflicted (this will be discussed in July’s newsletter).  Venus remains unafflicted for the entire month of June, conferring some benefits, but different from those of Venus transiting through Pisces previously.

During June, Venus in Aries promotes a desire for starting new projects, restlessness, a desire for adventure, getting outside, moving, travel, focusing on nature, animals/pets and acting independently.  It will promote being innovative and some risk-taking.  However, Venus loses the Jupiter aspect which was in force for several months previously.  So, the desire for extravagance, generosity and expansion will generally reduce.  This Venus position is good for getting into the garden, starting a new health or exercise regimen and breaking out of old routines during the entire month.  It puts the emphasis on acting independently and trying new things, even if only for a short test.  Venus in Aries promotes pleasure through sporting events, competition, moving rapidly from one activity to another, outdoor adventures and testing skills and talents.   It will be hard to be patient and sit behind a desk during this month due to Venus and Mars transiting positions.  

Confidence starts out strong, and then wanes as the month progresses

During the first half of the month, the Sun transits through Taurus and receives the beneficial aspect of Jupiter until 6/14 when the Sun moves to Gemini.  This is a positive influence, yielding confidence, leadership potential and gains through business and real estate matters.  Since the Sun rules the 9th house of the U.S. chart, it’s a particularly beneficial planet for the country, and when strong, it bodes well for leadership and confidence.  So, perhaps during the first two weeks of June, something will get accomplished in government (Sun rules government).   It’s been so long since anything has been practically achieved through government, that even with the strong Sun, it might only serve to benefit those in powerful positions during this short time.  However, it does benefit larger companies and businesses, and the Jupiter/Sun combination is beneficial in many respects. 

After 6/14, the Sun is in a much weaker position, moving through Gemini, receiving the simultaneous aspects of malefics Mars and Saturn.   This reduces confidence and the ability of leadership (government) to be effective.   Frustration, impatience, indecisiveness, confusion and lack of stability will be prominent during the last half of the month due to this weak Sun position.  It’s not a good time for achieving goals, making definitive decisions, signing contracts or expecting situations to move in a direct, progressive fashion.  It will be difficult to get people to decide and make up their mind.  

Fortunately, Mercury’s transit through Taurus during the first part of this month (between 6/3 – 6/18) is quite positive, as Mercury receives the beneficial aspect of Jupiter.  Again this repeats the pattern that the first half of June yields some benefits and then the energy weakens toward the latter part of the month.  Stronger Mercury bodes well for communications and intellectual & analytical efforts during these 16 days.  It’s also good for business, negotiations and the real estate area.  

However, once Mercury moves into Gemini, after 6/18, it is frustrated by the aspects of Mars and Saturn. This transit lasts until 7/2 when Mercury moves into Cancer.  Between 6/18 – 7/2 Communications become confusing, frustrating and impatient.  Rapid, hostile, critical and harsh words will be more rampant.  Take a deep breath before you say something you will regret.  With high frustration levels in the atmosphere it will be hard to contain one’s speech. Try to consider the other person’s experience of your words before you say them, especially during June when tempers are likely to flare.  We are likely to witness insults, arguments and verbal hostilities at even higher levels in public and particularly through all forms of social media. 

The Saturn/Mars tandem effect continues:  President Trump & the U.S. under more scrutiny & pressure

  Saturn is transiting at a very weak position during June, transiting in the weak zone of 1-0 degrees of Sagittarius, as it retrogrades to Scorpio on 6/20.  Saturn will continue to transit through Scorpio until 10/26.  For the first 20 days of June, Saturn remains in Sagittarius at the weak junction and aspects Mars in Gemini.  This Saturn/Mars influence along the Sagittarius/Gemini axis reflects frustration, restlessness, impatience and the unwillingness to allow for different opinions, viewpoints, religious or philosophical beliefs than one’s own.  This influence is very impatient, dogmatic, insecure and willing to act out or lash out at others who don’t follow a particular belief system or persuasion.  It’s ugly.  It does not reflect any understanding, tolerance or patience.  We have witnessed this behavior, particularly in the U.S. grow more strongly as Saturn entered Sagittarius late last year.   This Saturn transit brings out the dogmatism and insecurity people have in regard to their religious belief systems.  

As of 6/20, Saturn will move back and carve out one more transit through the late degrees of Scorpio, bringing out the grand finale of hidden scandals, secrets and humiliating situations into the public arena.  Saturn’s retrograde transit pushes the lingering issues and problems out into the open to finally get individuals to face what they have refused to deal with during the past 2.5 years.  Saturn basically says, “I’m giving you one more chance to get this right.  I have to hit you harder one more time until you wake up and fix this problem.”  Hence, the retrograde time back to Scorpio forces an individual to go back and clean up a chronic situation.  

In this regard, President Trump has his natal Moon at 28:05 degrees Scorpio.  So, he will have the influence of transiting Saturn get closer to his Moon throughout the summer.  The Saturn transit will exactly conjunct his Moon on 7/19, and then again on 9/29/17.  So, the influence of transiting Saturn will grow very prominently for Trump during the period from June through early October.  He will be tested, no doubt.  Can he fulfill what he promised?

The Moon represents the mind, one’s attitudes, perspective and emotional reactions to anything that compromises one’s sense of inner security or emotional comfort.  With Saturn transiting close and then exactly over his Moon, Trump’s sense of insecurity and emotional discomfort is bound to rise to the boiling point.  It will shake him up, as this transit does for anyone who experiences it (approximately every 27 – 28 years).  So, it’s a big one.  Saturn tests one’s sense of mental stability and ability to handle pressure, face the truth/reality, and to fulfill the promises and commitments that one has agreed to.  Now President Trump will be forced to fulfill what he promised and if he does not, there will be consequences.  This will take place during June – October 2017 for him.  Will he rise to the occasion, or will he be crushed under the stress and pressure that he got himself into?  

Saturn transiting through Scorpio (the most private/secretive sign of the zodiac), forces secrets and scandals to come out into the open to be dealt with.  So, this final transit phase of Saturn through Scorpio (the next one is not until December 2043), forces the issues of secrecy, privacy and hidden deals out into the open.  

We will see a volcano burst, literally and figuratively during this period of June – October 2017.  On the mundane side, expect a stronger stormy summer and strong hurricanes influencing the region.  The likelihood for more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions increases as well during this time frame.