Vedic Astrology
Offering a unique approach to
assist you with important life decisions.
Specializing in professional in-depth, predictive Vedic astrological consultations to address your personal concerns and questions including:  Medical/Health, Psychological status, Major life decisions/direction, Life Transitions/changes, Relationships, Marriage, Children, Education, Career, Financial matters & Moving/property (real estate) concerns.

Jyotish (Hindu Astrology) is a sacred source of ancient knowledge, which is powerfully applicable to modern contemporary life.  Predictive Vedic astrology offers both specific details of and the precise timing for major life events.  Planning and decision-making are greatly enhanced by gaining this valuable information.

“Vedic astrology is a powerful tool which helps to reveal each person’s true character, talents, abilities and life patterns.  Accurate predictions by the Vedic astrologer will undoubtedly offer each individual the insight and awareness to make future decisions with greater clarity and foresight.

Vedic astrology is not a substitute for right action, due-diligence and responsibility.  As a blueprint of each individual’s personality and genetics, the astrological chart reveals profound insights for each of us in our search for greater self-knowledge.”

--David A. Goldstein, Ph.D.
   Vedic Astrologer